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EDI and Integration

Since 1995 we do EDI for all industries and run ESB for data exchange between arbitrary It systems.
Replacing SAP?
We are experts in migrating data content from SAP to other modern ERP systems.
SAP Evaluation
Evaluating SAP installations for performance, upgrade readiness and feasibility is our flagship offer.
SAP Carve Out
Carve-Out is a special form of system consolidation. It is usually required when part of a company i
SAP Rollout
The secret for successful rollouts are understanding that they are a special kind of project where you try to carefully modify a template to make it workable in the target.
Webshop API for SAP
eCOM API is a full interface layer to connect high performance web shops to SAP backend.
SAP Web Shop Camp
In this boot camp the course students will develop a full featured functioning web shop on top of SAP ABAP and integrate web services.
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