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We come with over 30 years experience in SAP to make your S4/Hana project a success.
SAP ABAP Development
Our experts are here to steer and control your SAP ABAP development projects and can also contribute ready to use components and developers with the right expert skills.
SAP System Consolidation
Clean up your SAP landscape to save license and maintenance: In many larger organization the number of SAP instances has rapidly grown over the years - often through company mergers and acquisitions or instances that had been designed for a special use turning i to a mission critical component within the full landscape.
SAP S/4 Hana Migration
We offer professional, fast and reliable migration to SAP S/4 Hana efficiently without non-sense in less than three months' time.
SAP runs best ... with us
We do agile no-nonsense SAP S4/Hana implementations, upgrades, rollouts, carve-outs, shop-floor, EDI and Industry 4.0 integration.
Education Services
Logosworld assists with great ambition governments and corporates in emerging countries to find proper and efficient sustainable strategies and provide knowledge transfer for the challenges of the Digital transformation.
EDI and Integration
Since 1995 we do EDI for all industries and run ESB for data exchange between arbitrary It systems.
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