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Technology Seminars

Logosworld conducts regularly seminars or technology briefings on technology topics.
Woven Africa Dual Studies
Woven Africa is a strategy to deliver to rural regions vocational and academic education in IT, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. It enables farmers in rural places to industrialize agriculture and empowers students to design and build localized innovation to improve food production, health, and living conditions while defying the impact of climate and environmental change.
Agriculture 4.0

Agriculture is there to help people survive.

Agri Ecology

Sustainability means zero waste.

Agri Economics

Agriculture is there to help people survive.

GEM - German Education media

Industries 4.0 in 12 Weeks
Industries 4.0 in 12 weeks is a practice course to understand how to transform an organization into a modern future oriented Industries 4.0 compliant business and impacts for future Digital Strategy. The course exists in several flavours for various industry sectors, like manufacturing, chemical production, agriculture and nature, service industries, finance and government.
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