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Woven Africa Projects

Technology projects for a rich continent

Woven Africa is a strategy to deliver to rural regions vocational and academic education in IT, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence. It is designed to improve living conditions in light of an exponentially growing population.

Education in technology allows students to develop innovative solutions

Innovations encourages young people to create start-ups and create jobs

Education near students’ hometowns allows innovation tailored for the regional needs.

Innovation on agriculture 4.0 industrializes food production and increase efficiency


Woven Africa Services

Logosworld assists academies to build the Dual Study design in cooperation with international academic peers, develop modern learning media, and help cooperating with industries.

Logosworld are enables and trainers. We are not bringing ready to consume solutions but help local established academic entities to make the transformation to modern learning.


For government bodies

We help government bodies preparing syllabi that cover the needs of its country and align the political long-term vision on education in Digital Transformation for Dual Studies.

For degree granting universities

We assist degree granting universities in finding international universities for cooperation and aligning curricula and examination to international standards.

For academies and colleges

We assist academies and colleges in verification of courses against international standards compliance and evaluate their maturity versus industrial needs.


  • Assess the current possibilities of country and local corporate landscape and benchmark the strengths and weaknesses with other countries and regions.
  • Evaluate which digital area is needed and promises quick and long-term benefit for the local society.
  • Analyse the education requirements to achieve the defined digital goals based on assessment.
  • Design syllabi according the assessed requirements that are compliant with international standards and allows students to get studies accepted globally.
  • Examine colleges and universities with respect to compliance to defined standards and due diligence.
  • Assist in forming international alliances and co-operations between local and international schools.