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We come with over 30 years experience in SAP to make your S4/Hana project a success.
Logosworld - Tech Advisors
Logosworld is a German "Bureau of Engineers" helping as strategy advisors for future technology.
Hey Accidenture! PowerPoint is Not an OS
When all the Accidentures in this business have spent 80% of the customer’s budget in their planning and proposals, we can come to confirm that PowerPoint is not the operating system!

Ashant Chalasani

Ashant Chalasani is a digitalisation entrepreneur in the renewable energy sector. He has impacted over 200 companies with ERP implementations, significantly boosting efficiency and profitability.

Ashwini Kumar Rath

Ashwini’s unique blend of technical mastery and strategic foresight has been instrumental in pioneering developments in software and technology, especially in green computing and rapid application development. An inspiring speaker and a polymath, Ashwini seamlessly bridges diverse cultures and ideas, reflecting a deep commitment to sustainability and technological advancement.

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson is a Principal SAP Solution Engineer with a primary focus of facilitating solutions for companies experiencing Supply Chain process and traceability challenges. As a 25 year veteran in SAP, Kevin has led the way in leveraging many of SAP's solutions in innovative ways. A focus on “Doing it Right, First” enables clients to benefit from a faster ROI and lower TCO. Kevin, the founder of ERPGenie.COM (formerly SAPGenie), pioneered the way for many in the industry, by freely sharing key pieces of info with the community. Even today, he continues with this focus on sharing his knowledge with others through the website, speaking and authoring engagements.
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