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Hey Accidenture! PowerPoint is Not an OS

Hey Accidenture! PowerPoint is Not an Operating System

Not every project needs rescue. But once you are in trouble we are the ones to realign your project. And since we know to fight fire, we also know how to avoid it from the beginning!

Experience is our weapon

Working with SAP R/3 alias SAP S/4 Hana since 06. July 1992 (and before with R/2) we know all the technology components and constraints around the SAP world. We configured many systems, we wrote tons of ABAP code to fill the missing gap of the software and we did not rest to teach the pragmatic way of doing it.

We now how to make a project run stable.
We do  not need PowerPoint and an army of consultants.
We put our hands directly to the problem and fix it. Like any mechanic.
We align your master data quickly and reliable. This is not a marvel but pure craftsmanship.
We use a domain driven approach - the wish of the business is the gravity.

We are Agile and follow the Agile Manifesto of 2003.