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Industries 4.0 Exective Briefing

The goal of this course is to lift decision makers and executives into a position to participate in technology talks that are relevant for decisions that integrate computer technology and artificial intelligence, understand the benefits, costs and disadvantages of Industries 4.0 and create ideas for new future business models.
Executive Education
We are offering special seminars that teach executives effectively the essentials of the modern technology to allow them to make proper and sound judgements for their strategy.
5 Day Cloud Computing Work Shop
Curriculum of the 5 day seminar on cloud computing.
Education Services
Logosworld assists with great ambition governments and corporates in emerging countries with strategies for the Digital future.
Enterprise Service Bus
In a world of pervasive computing where count-less computers and software component of different communicate permanently with each other a proper infrastructure to handle and monitor the traffic between the machines is required.
SoA and Cloud Seminar Series
We offer a large a variety of seminars, class-room training and work shops around Service-oriented architecture.
Introduction to Cloud Computing Practice
The “Introduction to Cloud Practice” seminars are designed to teach computer savvy audience the theoretical background and best practice approach to successfully implement and maintain projects in a cloud computing environment.
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